About Deborah Burkman

Deborah Burkman has been teaching yoga since 2000. Her Vinyasa teaching style is rooted in Ashtanga yoga, emphasizing bundha, breath, and dristi. While her largest influence came from the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, she has integrated what she has learned from numerous other teachers including, Richard Freeman, David Swenson and others.

Deborah has a gift for making a real and personal connection with each of her students and gives individualized support and direction. Her hands-on adjustments are specific and skillful. Deborah has a strong knowledge of anatomy, and helps students understand how anatomy plays an important role in their practice. Her heart-felt teaching is filled with warmth and humor that make her classes special and inspiring.

Deborah has been studying the yoga sutras since 2010 and presently studies with Kate Holcombe in the linage of Mr. TKV Desikachar. She ties bits of the yoga sutras into her classes in order to remind her students that asana is part of a larger tradition that includes balancing the body and focusing the mind, both of which are tools that can help us be more present in our lives.

Deborah taught for 7 years at the corporate offices of Twitter and was a driving force for developing the Twitter yoga and meditation programs. She has been a contributing writer for Yoga Journal Magazine and has taught for many years at the Yoga Journal Live conferences. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, 7 by 7 magazine, The Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, and San Francisco magazine. Her well respected and Yoga Journal reviewed DVD can be purchased on this site or at amazon.com. She leads yoga retreats around the world and workshops and yoga intensives in the San Francisco Bay Area. To see Deborah's public classes please go to class schedule.